About StayOnVacations


StayOnVacations.com is one of the most reliable vacation rental websites among travelers. We are not a company but a community that’s why we are an ideal alternative to hotels. StayOnVacations motto is simple which means authenticity, privacy, value for money, and flexibility. You can experience the various benefits which vacation rentals have to offer such as more space, extra bedrooms, a kitchen, and WiFi and laundry facilities at no extra charge.

For most holidaymakers, the big attraction with renting is that it’s cheaper staying in a hotel. Living in the lap of luxury doesn’t come cheap. But StayOnVacations provide you luxury hotels at an affordable price. We are the rental site to offer a loyalty programmed where you can avail our various offers. We give 90 days’ money back guarantee that’s why we are the most reliable among the travelers and homeowners where we don’t charge any processing fees from the travelers and no booking fees from the owners.

StayOnVacations offers immaculate and stylish accommodation to travelers. Now we have more than 500 properties, with an even split between houses and apartments. Its relatively small size makes it much easier to narrow down your search, though we have the plan to add other destinations in the future.

We have various plans available to our customers at the best price as we offer Bronze Plan which is available at just $129 per year, Silver Plan is available $249 per year, Gold Plan is available at $349 per year while Platinum Plan can be availed at just $499 per year. Our Online Vacation Rental Platforms can easily be accessed in inventories of Rental accommodations which is professionally managed.