We are a company doing business as stayonvacations.com and we prohibit any type of services, advertisement, listing or owners sending or receiving payments through the stayonvacations.com. The stayonvacations.com company offers you the advertisement services whereby you can promote your business.

Stayonvacations.com has nothing listed on the site thus having no control of anything, it runs as a marketplace. The power to change, manage, edit and update anything starting from their rentals, is with the owners. Before using the website you must agree to all these risks. In any case, you want to report anything, feel free to email report info@stayonvacations.com and you will get a timely response from our team.

In case you come across some photos, rate details, content, and you happen to choose any of the listings, kindly understand that the listing owners are the ones who have added the information. Stayonvacations.com has nothing concerning the matter. We are always ready to be accountable for any actions.

Stayonvacations.com provides an opportunity to advertise businesses related to travel. We are not responsible to manage any property like a car, and restaurants.

However, both parties i. e owners and users are always advised to be aware of and understand the listings clearly right from cancellation to refund policies. Users if you are dissatisfied or notice anything wrong with our services don’t hesitate to put us into notice and we shall amend immediately.

Transfer of Rental Properties, Hotels and BnB
We always ensure all new owners are verified, to facilitate this we require you to provide us with the name, address, billing address and the contact number of the new occupant. In case you want to stop the services, you can read through the cancellation policy.

Cancellation Policy
In case you want to cancel, stop or either change the service from Stayonvacations.com Company you are required to give us a prior notice and it will be effected within a given period of time. For refund, you need to go through our refund policy.

Listing and Content Policies
Stayonvacations.com will delete, cancel or remove any listing that doesn’t meet the criteria of our listing standards.

We have laid down a formula of which all the listings are required to exceed the norms and values. Any form of obscenity, coarse comments on the website or crude language or anything that is not aligned with our policy will not be tolerated.

Vacation Rental Inquiries
Before committing any delivery to the owners we always check, monitor and filter any spam inquiries that could be there.

Site Updates
It’s under our diplomacy to update the site at any time with no prior notice.