Privacy Policy


StayOnVacations is not a company, you can say it as a community. The StayOnVacations policy system is really very restricted and very confirmation for the people who are using this website for the ordering purpose. Before creating a vacation trip order, everyone should read the policy system of this community. In the StayOnVacations policy system, it is necessary to give data to us when billing a property, reproduction for a property, applying any device or administration on the site or generally utilizing the site for yours explicitly consent to this protection arrangement.

Searching and listing
StayOnVacations have some specific privacy system to get your full details to cause different times different peoples are listing more and more. You can go further for the search box which location property you need, you can choose it from there. It is necessary to know all the information of the client like full name, address, phone number, email address, and sometimes social media account. This effective information needs to provide to us when listing a property. The actual data of the client come to us when the payment proof will be completed and the listing will be done. The client’s full profile is essential for the purpose of anticipating, examine or indict movement we think might be conceivably illicit, unlawful or hurtful.

Use Mobile application or use website
StayOnVacations Policy has some effective privacy system that is necessary for unauthorized access prohibited. The person who is using a mobile application and logged in via mobile phone or if they want to access his/her account via the website. The security reason will be sent to the client email or phone automatically. This system can protect the client always from danger.

The privacy system of StayOnVacations is really great and effective for the clients and they can feel secure for using the website.