Terms and Conditions


StayOnVacations is not a company, you can say it as a community. StayOnVacations total systems are strict on their terms and conditions. In the event that you wish to list your property on the Site, you will be required to consent to isolate posting terms and conditions. In the terms and conditions, StayOnVacations proffer internet booking or different apparatuses or administrations to enable clients to speak with each other and to go into rental accords or different exchanges.

Enrollment and setting up a Record
Accordance with the privacy system, there are some terms and conditions that are:

  • The client should be a member and one membership account by registering in StayOnVacations.
  • The client can sign up via social media like facebook, twitter etc or directly create by using an email address.
  • The sign up should be using their original name, phone number, and email number.
  • The client shouldn’t more than one account and 100% activated account.
  • Some specific terms and conditions will be provided during account creation.

Settlement Postings and agreement
In the terms and conditions, the client will be responsible for the majority of the data, including pictures, content and other substance, identifying with the facilities they offer refreshing them. The settlement postings need to agree within the shortest possible time according to their time. When the settlement postings will be completed between the owner and client, the agreement will be completed shortly and the verification email will be sent to both owner and client email address.

Restrictions and reporting systems
The restrictions are always a safety purpose. The client needs safety during listing, booking, and payment. The client can use security system tools for their account and should log in and log out of the same devices. If the client feels that the account is acting like improperly, fiercely or untrustworthily, you should quickly report the culpable individual to the proper specialists and email to the support immediately.

In fact, terms and conditions are necessary for both clients and owners accordance with privacy and policy.